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March 7, 2019
March 7, 2019
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In life and in business we often focus on our transformation. Can a team transform itself to a new consultative science? Can professionals who have decades of routine find the energy and drive to learn new models? Can a mother who dedicated years to her family recreate herself to apply her intellect and talents in a new direction? What about the personal transformation of someone who looks in the mirror and decides that poor fitness is unacceptable?

Transformation, when embraced and applied, is the intersection of dedication and inspiration. It sends a message that a comfort zone is unacceptable and off limits. Transformation opens the portal to personal potential.

Let’s explore the elements of transformation:
1) Identify the outcome you envision after the transformation is complete.
2) Build a personal strategic plan with detail for execution.
3) List the actions and tasks associated with the transformation.
4) Build a personal calendar of accountability and implementation.

Transformation is the catalyst to re-engineer our core competencies. When our loved ones observe that we have transformed, we become their role models for when it is their time to follow suit.  A mother who morphs into a healthier, more fit person becomes a role model to her children.

Others may question and doubt your resolve to transform. For it may call into question their personal determination to enter into a transformational state. Perhaps, an outcome of transformation is the possibility of our very own circle of people transforming as well.

You have the strength and talent to transform and maximize your potential. Change is for everyone; evolution is for the motivated and transformation is the vehicle to achievement.

I was inspired to write this piece after connecting with Sarah Post. Sarah is a mother of five who implemented a personal health, fitness and talent transformation. She helps others as a coach and transformational guide.

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