When you hear that I am a CEO you may have already imagined my background. It may not be what you think. I do not define myself as a Chief Executive Officer. To me a CEO stands for a Coach, Entrepreneur, and Owner. Coach yourself and others, be entrepreneurial in your thinking, and act like an owner. Success is built from the creation of a real life plan for professional and personal to help you achieve the pinnacle of greatness. To me, greatness is when others duplicate what you started. With the Six Degrees, you no longer need to choose between professional and personal growth.

Six Degrees of Impact

The Light of Leadership will be forever bright if we walk out the darkness of self - doubt.
Personal marketing is one that incorporates formal education, goal development, and risk taking.
Everyday mentors are influenced by their desire to acquire new skills and achieve peak performance. The best mentors I know never stop mentoring themselves.
Keep your head up today and your attitude will follow. Others witnessing the positive will follow you.
If your vision is short-sighted, your research and development initiative will be short-sighted.
Our future is formed by our present creations.

"Change is for Everyone, Evolution is for the Motivated."

I believe that we should not be defined by our business titles. Business titles can be obstacles for creating energy, momentum, and innovation. My strength is in teaching others to think and act like owners. ​Over the years I have curated and implemented a proprietary consultative model, “Six Degrees of Impact", which has been proven to not only be effective but applicable to any organization. This model offers a targeted approach for businesses to uncover challenges and create effective solutions. I authored and co-authored five books centered on personal and organizational development. Six Degrees of Impact, Creating Reality and Under Construction. ​


  • Holly Bozant

    "I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Anthony Gruppo at USI for many years now. I have great respect for Anthony and hold him in the highest regard. He has been and is an integral part of the success of USI, providing insightful leadership and guidance to many in our organization. He is a true professional, possessing outstanding leadership abilities and invaluable people skills. His enthusiasm and energetic approach to life motivates everyone around him. I consider it an honor to work with him!!!! "

    Holly Bozant
    Sr. VP of EBInsgroup
  • Michael J. Rastigue III

    "Anthony Gruppo is the most effective leader that I have met. He provides the rare balance of being able to drive revenues while maintaining or increasing the bottom line. His approach to "people" is the key to his success. He is a "culture-creator" who makes a difference! "

    Michael J. Rastigue III
    Executive VPJLT Group
  • Mary Pat Kessler

    "Anthony is a most dynamic and motivational speaker. If you need an outstanding professional to help your company improve their sales...Anthony Gruppo is the ANSWER!! Anthony comes with the toolkit your sales force need to increase their pipeline and CLOSE DEALS! I have experienced and benefited from Anthony's counsel. I highly recommend Anthony to any company who wants to beat their competition and WIN! "

    Mary Pat Kessler
    Director of Sales and MarketingSabre Systems Inc.
  • Diane Litchko

    "Thank you again for such an inspiring presentation today at the GSC SHRM conference!! Your insights and personal stories were very compelling and definitely made an impact!!"

    Diane Litchko
  • "Thanks for hosting today's breakfast and being so honest and open about your life experiences. In today's world there are too many people who fake it until they make it so it's refreshing to see someone who is genuine. You kept me interested from beginning to end and I feel that I got value out of it.
  • Carl Capuano

    "I enjoyed this morning, your energy is contagious! Have a great day."


    Carl Capuano
    Senior Vice President
  • Peter Donahue

    "I really enjoyed the seminar.  Sometimes we all need some motivation and  perspective to get refocused.  I think Anthony achieved his purpose today. I look forward to checking out the blog and youtube channel."

    Peter Donahue
    HSBC Bank USA, N.A.